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Feet up Friday Kicks off 2022 with 2400 Meals

The third Feet up Friday’s campaign launched in January. For a week, the team at Feeding Communities, alongside Begbroke Science Park and The Thomas Franks catering team there produced 2400 meals for the carers and their families. The meals are then packed up and stored, with the help of Savona at their docks in Oxford and delivered with the help of our ‘Volunteer Army’ on Monday 17th January.

Did You know Unpaid Carers’ support has been valued at a staggering £530 million per day during the pandemic, or £193 billion a year. This is more than the cost of the entire NHS. (Carers UK State of Caring 2021). Over 600 carers a day across the UK leave work to take on a caring role (Carers UK), making ends meet can often be very difficult. One in four carers (23%) may not have enough money to cover their monthly expenses. (Carers UK state of caring 2021). Hear from Kay Francis of Oxfordshire Carers, who commented on the work of Feet up Fridays to support unpaid carers: ‘The coming together of Carers Oxfordshire and Thomas Franks Organisation has meant together we have given carers time to think of themselves. Cares can often feel hidden and forgotten, Feet up Friday shows carers they are valued and looking after them is just as important as looking after their loved one.’ Kay Francis, Carers Oxfordshire

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