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We Grow You Grow

We Grow You Grow aims to work with schools to provide children with hands-on education to experience exactly where their food comes from. With a focus on producing freshly grown micro-herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

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The Aim:

The aim of We Grow You Grow is simple; to ensure that in reaching out to educate children from an early age, we can nurture a healthy, positive mindset towards food usage and highlight how we can have control over our impact on the planet.

The program runs for 5-6 months, based on individual factors, including climates and location needs. LXR47041736. For a week of each month, students follow specially designed lesson plans that allows them to learn about the factors that contribute to plant growth, whilst equipping them with the tools to support the growth of their own produce!


Since September St Benedict's school in Malta has kindly hosted Head of Feeding Communities, Dean Collins, for a week each month as he guided students through conditioning their raised garden beds, planting their seedlings and learning why it is necessary to nurture and water the growing crops. Five months later, they were looking lush and ready to harvest!

Head of Feeding Communities, Dean Collins, has been supporting the students at St Benedict's school in Malta through our We Grow You Grow program and the trial has gone fantastically, from their harvest today the pupils then sold their organic produce back to their community!

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