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Feeding Communities began to support all those who need it. Whether that is through feeding our overworked NHS staff, supporting our unpaid carers or feeding those who would otherwise go without. We are here to support communities and to work together with others, utilising the full strength of our combined resources to feed those who really need it, is a privilege and we are honoured to help.

Recently, Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts, moved into its new permanent premises in Granton. The renovations at their new site are still ongoing, so, they reached out to us and with the help of Stephen Reidie, our Head Chef at Loretto School, and Thomas Cuthbert, Head of food, Scotland, together we will have produced 700 Christmas meals to feed those who need it across Edinburgh on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. ‘Dylan Childs, Operations Manager at Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts said, in response to this last minute collaboration: ‘At a time when so much of the hospitality industry is facing a really tough time, it is always heartening to have people stepping up to offer their skills and facilities. We couldn’t have done it without them

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