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The Thomas Franks Foundation was created in 2019 to support disadvantaged children and young people. In response to seeing how communities were affected during the pandemic we knew we had to do more. We are now proud to be able to provide support to anyone who is facing disadvantage or hardship, whether it be families, individuals, or whole communities.


In response to the pandemic, the constitution of the Foundation changed to support and launch the current projects you see today. Whether through our initiative, We Grow, You Grow, where we teach children the value of food and food production, our Feet up Friday’s program, where we reach out to provide support to unpaid carers, or the one that began it all; Feeding Communities. With the clear mission to support communities across the UK and internationally, we are proud to reach out to help in any way we can.

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Feeding Communities provides essential food provisions and fresh healthy meals to support food banks or families struggling from food poverty or food insecurity. An unimaginable amount of people across countless communities are having to suffer and are making untold sacrifices just to feed themselves and their families.


Anyone can make a difference and we at The Thomas Franks Foundation believe if even just one family can be fed, that’s one less family that is going to sleep hungry.


But as we say, we can do more and we will do more.

Dean Collins

Head of Feeding Communities

Feeding Communities


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The aim of We Grow You Grow is simple, to educate children from an early age that we can nurture a healthy, positive mindset towards food usage and highlight how we can have control over our impact on the planet.

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We believe everyone should have access to food, no questions asked. Feeding Communities uses Thomas Franks resources and expertise to produce made-up food parcels and freshly prepared meals in response to those in need, with no questions asked.

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